Thursday, 19 May 2011

Fan bing bing

Ive never heard of her before Cannes 2011, but Fan has swept me away, her style is absolutly impeccable and beautiufully elegant.

I love the dress as it has traditional oriental infulences, with a kimono back and detailed white birds sprawled across the bodice, which are carefully accesorized with beautiful cartier earings.

To a modern puple design:
i love the fading purple going down this magnificant dress and the ruffles are timeless. I like the corset like top which add frame to her petite figure.

But, this dress has to be my favorite:
Doesnt it just scream elegance? i love the bride like tailoring and the jewels are really beautiful, is it just me or do the jewels look familiar ( hint hint, Kate Middletons wedding ring?) nevertheless, she embodies every dress beautifully.

Emma xoxo.


  1. Oh i love them all. So beautiful! :)
    Thanks for reading my blog!

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  3. Wow, she is so beautiful and I'v never heard about her! :0 Absolutely one of the most beautiful Asian women I've ever seen.

    I think your blog is awesome. Your style to write is not too "hard" and your sense of humor is great! :)

    Thats the address of my blog. It's not as good as yours but I hope you check it out and write some comment about it.