Thursday, 19 May 2011

Fan bing bing

Ive never heard of her before Cannes 2011, but Fan has swept me away, her style is absolutly impeccable and beautiufully elegant.

I love the dress as it has traditional oriental infulences, with a kimono back and detailed white birds sprawled across the bodice, which are carefully accesorized with beautiful cartier earings.

To a modern puple design:
i love the fading purple going down this magnificant dress and the ruffles are timeless. I like the corset like top which add frame to her petite figure.

But, this dress has to be my favorite:
Doesnt it just scream elegance? i love the bride like tailoring and the jewels are really beautiful, is it just me or do the jewels look familiar ( hint hint, Kate Middletons wedding ring?) nevertheless, she embodies every dress beautifully.

Emma xoxo.


Well Paris is the fashion capital of the world, its chic and simple style is adored globally. The dresses i saw at Cannes were tres chic.

Firstly lets discuss my 4 favourite outfits:

I absololutely adored Sarah Jessica Parker's dress, to be honest i dont know why i like it its floral and its summer its kind of "been there done that." but i think adding the black design on the top, middle and the sleves gave it a edgy touch:

Then there was Uma Thurman, she was bang on trend with a bridal style dress i love the detailed fringing at the back it gave it a cute feel to such a sophisticated peice. I love her accessories her emerald earrings really stood out and brang out the colour of her dress.

Back to black, my favorite colour, this dress was amazing, i love the fringing it made the dress instantly stunning, and those shoes,i normally deteste stilettos but for some reason they really make this outfit.

 My last and most favorite outfit has got to be Rachel McAdams' bandeau jumpsuit, so simple yet so effective. Its bery 70's chich, and i love how it looks authentic, not just a relipca of seventies fashion. I love the jewels on the bandeau top which add the effect and i love her bracelets.

Emma xoxo.

Sunday, 15 May 2011


I love the different varieties of dresses right now, one shoulder, bodycons, Fit&Flare, maxes, pleats anad structured.

In June my school is doing an NRA (National Record of Acheivement) and with GCSEs around the corner i had no time to look for a dress but amongst all my avid revising i have come across a very beautiful yet simple dress:
Miss Selfridge £45

 Its elegant, and tastefull, the lace and vintage cream colour give it a timeless touch. The silk would look great on my skin colour. I might go a bit Gok Wan and accessorize with a tan coloured belt, just to add colour, the dress isnt to OTT but not too demoure.
     Or i could go with this:
Asos £45

This dress is cute and adolescent, i love the detailing of the ruched sleaves and sides, this dress wont need a lot of accessories due to its lovely embellishment in the middle, i like how it has that party dress touch.

So should i go for Vintage elegance, or Modern teen?
-Comments please.

Emma xoxo

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Big hair. Bomber Jackets. Body cons. We all know the 80's was perfect for fashion.
I adore the eighties, but somehow the resurrection of 80's fashion today isnt quite the same. I was watching Pretty in Pink yesterday and i was astounded by all the awesome outfits that Molly Ringwalds character Andie wore :

I love that bowler hat! her clothes were soo unique and i love those white ankle boots with the floral socks, very summer.


 He's style was cute but yet soo manly. Those sunglasses dont get me started, i love how his character accessorised.

Madonna, yes i know she wasnt in the movie.

I just loved her style in the 80's so... rebellious, adolescent and tough. I wish i could rock leather like that!

Emma xoxo.