Thursday, 27 October 2011

Versace at H&M

Who else is excited for the Fashion power house Versace to release an amazing line for the High Street God H&M?

Finally, the not so Uber Rich can proudly say that they own a Versace Piece, and the line is amazing!
-I knew about the Versace line threw tumblr but only really saw the whole collection in Look Magazine, i was amazed such high quality pieces for high street prices.

Even the teaser photos of the collection was mind blowing, the models were poised and flawless and the clothes were incredible.

 Honestly, some of the clothes, arent too my taste, i would say my style is sometimes grungy which is why i sway towards, the black pieces. For Example the beautiful, leather studded number is die for. I particularly love the leather jacket as its very dapper and neat looking. The accesories were beautifully detailed and i adore each and every one of them but there was one that stuck out for me.


I love this ring as the detailling of the roses is brilliant and i know it will make my manly fingers look very delicate.

Emma xoxo

Thursday, 20 October 2011

I'm Back!

Hello Blogosphere, i havent made any posts since 15 July(Wowza) and i thought to my self lo and behold Emma you need to spend more time with your fashion blog than with boring facebook! So here i am once again totally devoted to an i hope all my followers are to!

Emma xoxo