Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Emmys.

I try to stray away from writing about award shows, the same generic dresses and styles all revolving from each star/starlet, but this years Emmys were different.
Now, there were some catastrophically ghastly dresses that 'graced' that red carpet that literally made my skin crawl for example, the ever so beautiful Sofia Vergara;
While her casual attire is so effortless and on-trend this dress is reminiscent of that infamous J-Lo dress circa 2000. The cuts are spontaneous and she is clearly oblivious to the first rule of evening dresses: only have one asset on show! This dress doesn't compliment her amazing figure and makes her look much older than she is. The sequined design may have looked pleasant in moderation but as its all over the dress, its gives it a very cheap feel, if i was her stylist i would have dressed her in a mid length body con dress, with a closed neck in a nice jade green with minimal gold accessories and nude or black shoes. Or i would have put in a backless dress in a deep shade of red.

On a happier note there was dress that for me stood out of the crowd and i can happily say she was the best dressed actress there.

As a girl with a volumptuous shape Kat Dennings knows how to style her self accordingly, this dress emphasizes her chest without making her look trashy, the dark red is perfect against her fair skin tone and the minimal accessories don't steal the attention away from the ruched detailing on the dress. I think Sofia could learn a lesson or two from her.

A runner up for the best dressed title is the girl after revenge also known as Emily vanCamp:

Her beautiful stone grey coloured dress looks effortless on her and the detailing is absolutely gorgeous, the ruffling of the skirt gives the dress a fairytale feel while the sheer top makes the dress more mature and sexy.

Emma xoxo

Monday, 24 September 2012

My first one.

I have recently discovered the site Polyvore ( i know i am completely late *eeek*) but i have seen these outfit/layout type photos and found them delightful so when i finally made a profile and have started publishing wonderful outfits and here is my first one.

My first one.

Chaser LA fitted shirt
$115 -

Levi's studded shorts
$105 -

Flatform shoes

Leather bag

Friday, 21 September 2012

Lana Del Rey.

So, for those of you who dont know her (seriously?) Lana, Lizzy or Queen Lana as i call her is fast become a music legend. Her sombre and emotional songs are a musical dream and her style is even better.
Recently, Lana has performed at hackney weekend, the itunes festival and has become the face of H&M. I know right?

Since mulberry named a bag after her, Lana Del Rey has become one to watch, from her artistic and grainy videos which i adore to the nostalgic touch in her wardrobe. Her style is classic from floor-length lace dresses to a dressed down look of a skater skirt, knitted jumper and ballet shoes lana know how to dress and it must be easier when you have your own bag that available in 3 different colors, textures e.g.snake print and an oversize version.
Del Rey Bag.
The new line is great, featuring sensational tones of pinks and red i guess one word to some this line up is romantic, the type of clothing you would wear on a first date in winter or to snuggle up and have a hot chocolate with a significant other, suede heels, baggy  knitted jumpers and peplum tops. The soft colors are perfect for winter if you want to 'jazz' up your old winter wardrobe filled with colors such as navy and dark blue. And for all you vintage lovers this range will be perfect for you,the reminisce of the 60's in the clothes make the line more perfect.

From these photographs i can only assume you have your credit cards out ready to purchase some of these brilliant pieces so i've made it easier for you, just click here.

-Happy Shopping!
Emma xoxo

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Fashion Week.

Well London Fashion week has come and gone, but has left a big footprint on the fashion industry so lets discuss. Two words. Phillip. Treacy.

The always wonderful designer used all black models to showcase his mad hatter designs (mind the pun). We all know when it comes to hats Treacy is amazing, from Sarah Jessica Parker and that infamous hat he designed for Princess Beatrice last summer. Treacy knows how to push open the envelope and surprise, although his designs were spectacular cough (cough smiley face head piece) he raised a question that has been buried underneath the rug for years.
Why isn't there more minorities in fashion?
Okay so we all know that Black and Asian models arent featured enough in magazines and editorials but will this show impact the fashion industry or bubble over and fade like most trends in the fashion industry. Futhermore i thought this was a courageous step that has opened the eyes of some designers to add more minorities to there show. I personally cant wait to see how the fashion world will change. Watch this step.
Overall the fashion show was a feast of imaginative and bold designs which were excessive and very MJ.

And finally Mulberry its like they displayed images that have been in my mind for ages: autumn/winter colors for spring and summer. So you can only guess that i was ecstatic when i saw dark blue and black pieces in the show, i think they added edginess because i feel as though s/s has been taken over by neon and neutral tones. Although Mulberry has changed my view on pastels the light tones of green, pink and brown added a nice femine touch on the designs. The vibrant oranges and gold brang the collection togther, reminiscent of an indian summer.
Oh and the bags were a delight, from white to black, printed to cut out the bags were fabulous and my new crush is the mulberry willow tote which i will covert and desire till death (or till the next fashion week.)

Topshop Unique left me feeling two things:
1. Jealousy because i will not be able to purchase this collection as i am broke.
2. Admiration because it lived up to the label name.
The lack of color and simplicity of the pieces were very ingenious. The sudden appearance of yellow and prints made the pieices more playful and young which is perfect for summer.

To finish off this post i am going to pretend im a pyschic and predict the 5 next big trends for next year:
- White, grey and black. I know you might be reading this and saying seriously? but just think of it this way these are 3 classic colours that will NEVER go out of fashion or make you look bad.
- Oversized Blazers or The Boyfriend Blazer
- Pencil dresses.
-Structured Jackets
-OTT hats.

Thank you for reading.
                       Emma xoxo.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

"I was just totally clueless."

Okay blogosphere,  for those who do not know i have an obsession for vintage clothing mostly from the 80s and 90s i have no idea why I'm drawn to those eras.

So my obsession started when i watch iconic chick flick Clueless and the Sabrina the Teenage Witch movie, i think i was  about 7 when i watched them, i love how the 90s were quite understated the colors were subtle and the back packs were awesome.

Love it, look at the that amazing red velvet dress with the over sized collars that Dion is rocking and the wonderful yellow plaid suit Cher is pulling off. 

So i hear you say Sabrina the Teenage Which movie? she cant be serious. Alright so compared to Clueless, STTW fashion is much more subtle and laid back which is why i love it.

So do you see what i see? theres no need to state why the glasses in the top picture are fantastic and i love Jenny's laid back style. I adore that cropped denim jacket Sabrina's wearing in the last picture i love the color.

So want to try and imitate the style, why not go to Beyond Retro, one of the est websites for vintage clothing ranging from 1930s to 1990s clothing, the next best is Gigi Vintage now if your 80s and 90s obsessed like me this is the perfect online shop for you and the prices are relatively cheap. And Topshop does some incredible Backpacks.
Bon shopping!
Emma xoxo

Saturday, 5 May 2012


Okay lovely followers, i  know i have broken my new years resolution to blog more but my A-level exams have been taking up at least 95% of my life.
 But from now on my blogs will be more frequent, scouts honor.

Also i would like to thank my followers for not disowning me through this 'dry spell'.

Emma xoxo.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Lykke Li

Alors, today i will be talking about the uber-talented swedish singer Lykke Li.
- i dscovered Lykke Li's music back in 2009, when i listened to Kleerup's song 'Until we bleed' and after that the rest is history.
Lykke has an individual take on fashion which i admire.
The turban and sequined jacket are amazing.
i love the oversized blazer

This outfit is so awesome, i love everything.
A bit of colour- this dress is to die for.


The hat is oh so retro and darling and shorts look quite distressed which i like and the peace necklace is wonderful!
Like me, Lykke was mostly subtle colours like black, white and grey. Although simple these colours can have real impact on an outfit e.g the 1st photo on the second row. Lykke Li's love of oversized items adds an urban touch to her style which just screams laid-back Stockholm cool.

Also if you want to see more Lykke Li style i have picked out a VIDEO which emphasizes her unique style to the fullest and the song is great! x

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Today im wearing

Okay guys, today i wore my Lil' Wayne top that i purchased at portobello market


Jeans, that i have no idea were i found, i also wore my two gorgeous rings, my pearl bracelet and jesus bracelet and also wore this bow that was wrapped around my sisters socks that she purchased from H&M and my red converses.

Hope you like!
Emma x 
 p.s i know i went crazy with the

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Nicola Roberts.

Okay Blogosphere, so yesterday i was watching T4 and i saw Nicola Roberts performing her new single Yo Yo  even though i wasnt sure on the song, i was sure on her amazing outfit.

She wears a lovely patterned monochrome crop top which has a cute sweatheart neck line, which makes the whole outfit very playful. What i really love is her red suede jeans which compliments her top and her skin tone perfectly. Also her accessories are too die for.

 The gold rings she wears are killer, their detailed and well designed which adds abit of sparkle and femininity. I love the colour on the ring of her right hand its very bold with colours like blue red and yellow which i think make the outfit.

 Emma xoxo

Friday, 6 January 2012


And then she spoke those famous words: "Today im wearing,"

Hype please! :)

s/s 2012

As Lady Gaga said in her "Marry the Night" video "i also believe mint will Be very big in fashion next spring."  And she was not wrong, with fashion head Moschino showcasing the gorgeous green colour in their s/s 2012 catwalk show:
I love the dress on the left its very playful and will be perfect to wear in the day and at night. Designer Charlotter Taylor has also dabbed her hand into the mint tray and i love these two outfits espicially the palozzo trousers on the left.

Those seude heels am i right? to die for i love patterning on the shirt and i like how the dress is so mis-matched and kooky.

Check out these mint and gold open-toed heels, just perfect although if it was me i would opt for a different colour nail polish, maybe grey or possibly a light orange.

I just adore this DVF mint vest top its perfect and it will look soo simple with jeans and a leather jacker, the skirt is very pretty and very Whitney Port-esque.

Mint is perfect as it's a soft colour but not to light, so it will still look great with your winter wardrobe.

Hope you like!
Emma x