Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal wedding's radient fashion.

From big hats to long veils, the royal wedding had a extravagant peices, from designers such as: Jasper Conran, Burberry and obviously  McQueen.

First things first lets talk colours, there was a wide variety of colours at the wedding, from pearly blue, to bright canary yellow. I loved the simplicity of Kater Middletons mothers outfit, the diamond brooch gave the outfit a Royal feel. On to the Queen, her yellow number gave a splash of sunshine to the event which lifted everyone's spirits.

The hats were unique, to say the least, i think the hats were soo flamboyant to make up for their innocent outfits.

A quick glance could mistake this head peice for Lady Gaga's infamous Lobster hat.I mean seriously? But on a lighter note not everyones hat was a disater. Ladies like Charlene Wittstock and Victoria Beckham opted for classic hats and structured dresses.

amazing collar


The dress, a Mcqueen design, is and i qoute very "Grace Kelly" the soft lace gave the dress a traditional touch and the long veil gave her a sense of purtiy. The embroidery on the end on the train was beautiful, and gives a taste of 50's nostalgia, but to me it doesnt compare to the dress it was based on:
Grace Kelly
 This dress was perfect and empitomizes the 50's in fashion - elegant and graceful.
This dress, gives McQueen lovers everywhere a sense of reassurance that the iconic fashion house is in safe and amazing hands.
Kate Middleton

Emma xoxo

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Olivia Palermo.

Yes, I know she’s a bitch but that doesnt stop her from having incredible style sense right?
Its either, chinos, shorts, brogues or blazers; and Olivia still has a way of making her self look so sophisticated . Her style is very old-timey and classic, and her look totally sums up the Upper East Side NYC socialites.
She’s so chic wether its in the day:

She teams a casual work outifit with amazing accesories like a massive embeslished necklace, and a huge diamond ring.
Or at Night:

She rocks a simple pencil skirt, with a white blazer and silk blouse. GENIUS.
Keep it up!
xoxo Emma

Sunday, 24 April 2011

High street Vs. Designer

Mawi. Im loving Mawi's clustered necklaces and chunky rings. Their use of winter and summer jewels create a classic yet timeless effect to their jewellery. Their detailed designs display their professional craftsmanship and high maintenance work ethic that only designers can acheive.
 As Mawi is very elegant and feminine,  a clutter of other accessories wont work.Minimalism is key.

I would mix Mawi's signature pieces with high street (like a Peter Pan collar dress, a jumpsuit or a sexy bodycon) witch will instantly add class to any outfit.

Topshop. Whereas high street royalty Topshop has a 70's cool feel when it comes to jewellery, unlike Mawi, Topshop has a mixture of both structured and simple accessories, showing that they can "Cater to all styles."
  I love the fact that all of their peices are unique down to the last intricate detail. like a type writer necklace or a alligator ring. Topshops jewellery will look great if its on its own or amongst loads of other accessories.

Emma xoxo

Space Couture.

Is it just me or has space and the intergalactic unknown become very fashionable lately?
One designer who is taking it to another planet (no pun intended) is Christopher Kane, his "out-of-this-world" clothes are taking the fashion world by storm, his use of futuristic shapes compliments his interesting prints teamed with plain shoes, your outfit will be the talk of the town.
  From here to the Crab nebula, whether its a skirt top or dress these prints will make any outfit.
Dont over accessorize with these prints, only if you want to look like a unmitigated disater.