Thursday, 20 September 2012

Fashion Week.

Well London Fashion week has come and gone, but has left a big footprint on the fashion industry so lets discuss. Two words. Phillip. Treacy.

The always wonderful designer used all black models to showcase his mad hatter designs (mind the pun). We all know when it comes to hats Treacy is amazing, from Sarah Jessica Parker and that infamous hat he designed for Princess Beatrice last summer. Treacy knows how to push open the envelope and surprise, although his designs were spectacular cough (cough smiley face head piece) he raised a question that has been buried underneath the rug for years.
Why isn't there more minorities in fashion?
Okay so we all know that Black and Asian models arent featured enough in magazines and editorials but will this show impact the fashion industry or bubble over and fade like most trends in the fashion industry. Futhermore i thought this was a courageous step that has opened the eyes of some designers to add more minorities to there show. I personally cant wait to see how the fashion world will change. Watch this step.
Overall the fashion show was a feast of imaginative and bold designs which were excessive and very MJ.

And finally Mulberry its like they displayed images that have been in my mind for ages: autumn/winter colors for spring and summer. So you can only guess that i was ecstatic when i saw dark blue and black pieces in the show, i think they added edginess because i feel as though s/s has been taken over by neon and neutral tones. Although Mulberry has changed my view on pastels the light tones of green, pink and brown added a nice femine touch on the designs. The vibrant oranges and gold brang the collection togther, reminiscent of an indian summer.
Oh and the bags were a delight, from white to black, printed to cut out the bags were fabulous and my new crush is the mulberry willow tote which i will covert and desire till death (or till the next fashion week.)

Topshop Unique left me feeling two things:
1. Jealousy because i will not be able to purchase this collection as i am broke.
2. Admiration because it lived up to the label name.
The lack of color and simplicity of the pieces were very ingenious. The sudden appearance of yellow and prints made the pieices more playful and young which is perfect for summer.

To finish off this post i am going to pretend im a pyschic and predict the 5 next big trends for next year:
- White, grey and black. I know you might be reading this and saying seriously? but just think of it this way these are 3 classic colours that will NEVER go out of fashion or make you look bad.
- Oversized Blazers or The Boyfriend Blazer
- Pencil dresses.
-Structured Jackets
-OTT hats.

Thank you for reading.
                       Emma xoxo.


  1. Philip Treacy was the best and then having Lady Gaga open for him topped it off perfectly.

    Follow I follow back!!!

  2. These are the kind of posts that I actually love to sit! I loved the point you brought up about why aren't there more minorities in fashion which some may say is cliche because we say this all the time but the fact that it's coming from a blogger and not a fashion editor/journalist that is usually obliged to make statements like that so they don't lose readers or followers- if you get what I mean haha! As a black teenager it's nice to have beautiful black models such as Jourdan Dunn, Joan Smalls, Chanel Iman, Leomie Anderson etc. to look up to but alas there are far and few...

    Seriosuly great post though!