Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Emmys.

I try to stray away from writing about award shows, the same generic dresses and styles all revolving from each star/starlet, but this years Emmys were different.
Now, there were some catastrophically ghastly dresses that 'graced' that red carpet that literally made my skin crawl for example, the ever so beautiful Sofia Vergara;
While her casual attire is so effortless and on-trend this dress is reminiscent of that infamous J-Lo dress circa 2000. The cuts are spontaneous and she is clearly oblivious to the first rule of evening dresses: only have one asset on show! This dress doesn't compliment her amazing figure and makes her look much older than she is. The sequined design may have looked pleasant in moderation but as its all over the dress, its gives it a very cheap feel, if i was her stylist i would have dressed her in a mid length body con dress, with a closed neck in a nice jade green with minimal gold accessories and nude or black shoes. Or i would have put in a backless dress in a deep shade of red.

On a happier note there was dress that for me stood out of the crowd and i can happily say she was the best dressed actress there.

As a girl with a volumptuous shape Kat Dennings knows how to style her self accordingly, this dress emphasizes her chest without making her look trashy, the dark red is perfect against her fair skin tone and the minimal accessories don't steal the attention away from the ruched detailing on the dress. I think Sofia could learn a lesson or two from her.

A runner up for the best dressed title is the girl after revenge also known as Emily vanCamp:

Her beautiful stone grey coloured dress looks effortless on her and the detailing is absolutely gorgeous, the ruffling of the skirt gives the dress a fairytale feel while the sheer top makes the dress more mature and sexy.

Emma xoxo

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