Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Fuschia. Rose. Cherry. Magenta.

Shock, Horror! The colour pink has landed and is taking over this summers style. I dont particularly like pink, its far too girly and like florals its such a cliche in summer, but for some reason i like it.
Pink is cheery and suits the sun perfectly, making your skin look sun kissed!
Nail Lacquer
 I love bright nail polishes, adds a splash of colour to a dull outfit!
I love mixing shades, this will go perfectly with nude heels and a tan bag!

 Pink. Has abducted the catwalks in every shape, size and item.

Emma xoxo


  1. very nice dear *

    waiting for you to imagine:

    kiss: *

  2. This may sound silly but I don't like pink in winter. It's too colourful color then. But when summer comes I start to like and wear pink because summer is the season of colours. :D

  3. pink is my favorite color, so of course I love this post!!!