Friday, 24 May 2013

Peter Pan Complex.

We have all had a period in our lives where we literally have tried to stop growing up. Lets face it the adult world is scary, it might aswell be a gaping black hole to another universe.

But the latest trends are taking a stance on growing up. I'm talking about a childhood revival.

Dungarees are an essential peice of clothing every 90s child needs. Its a great statement peice for summer as you can literally wear them with everything: the childs version of an LBD.
If your feeling nostalgic they come in cute patterns featuring childhood favorites:
Mickey Mouse
Winnie the Pooh
Bugs Bunny

Check out indie pop princess Marina and the Diamonds rocking the trend:

With a trend like this, the number one rule is too make an impact, for example accessories:
bright big bows
chunky bracelets and necklaces
& colourful headbands to make you look like a big kid.

And of course a great vintage or 1990s revival back pack is a must to complete the look. But if your not all that into backpacks i would recommend a bright coloured satchel, string bag or messenger bag.

For footwear, as grunge lover myself, i would wear worker boots, or Docs, however you can easily pull this look off with trainers. Nike blazers, vintage jordens or all leather converses.

The great thing about this trend is that the pieces are easily accessible you can find cheap one off pieces in vintage stores and charity shops or online in Asos Marketplace or eBay.

Happy Shopping
Emma xoxo

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