Saturday, 8 January 2011

Mary - Kate Olsen.

Ashley, i still like you too…

Mary-Kate Olsen is edgy, punk, sophisitcated and adventurous. Everything you would want in a fashionista. So what makes her stand out?
Maybe its her retro vibe with rounded - tinted sunglasses, or mahogany fur coats. She has always been my favourite twin out of the duo and i think its because she’s more.. out there.
There is no doubt that this were my fashion sense comes from, she’s punky not gothic, sexy but not slutty, and sophisticated but not high-maintenace. She’s one of those rare human beings who could just throw on a cloth and it will a fashion statement of the month. I think her look is mainly retro though as alot of the time i can see her rocking 70’s inspired outfits and she still looks fabulous!

xoxo Emma.


  1. i do love her style but it would look ridiculous on anyone else

  2. Amazing Post. Love them.
    I think you'll like it. xoxo

  3. Love both of them. Great Blog!

  4. I love her style! :)