Sunday, 3 July 2011


So for my birthday which was 23rd of June (i turned 16) my dad got me the complete Harry Potter book set which to me symbolised my child and innocene, im an avid reader so when i finsihed reading the third book i thought about wizard inspired clothing,  so obviously i googled it but nothing really came up so i thought about the clothes in the Harry Potter series.

Okay, so Harry Potter isnt the first thing people will think about if they want fashion inspiration but the fourth film contains alot of pleasent outfits.

For example the Beauxbatons uniform:

Fleur Delacour - Beauxbatons

The quirky collar, is in season now an i love the pointed felt hat, its very 1920-esque, i love the colour its not too bright which i like but still has a very classy/elegance about it.

Moving on to the Yule Ball, now the dresses i didnt particulary like, but i found two that i thought were nice:

Cho Chang


These dresses stood out to me, i love oriental inspired dress they have alot of embroidery and are absolute classics, i love the ruchedness in fleurs dress it adds texture to a plain dress.

And finally, Fleur Delacours wedding dress in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, when i saw her dress i thought it looked like the Peacock dress designed by Alexander McQueen which is an easy mistake nonetheless the dress is still beautiful.

I adore this dress i love the peacocks embroided on the top half its gives the dress uniqueness,i think it would have looked better as a bandeau but the sheer material is very nice and i am in love with the ruffles, its one of the reasons why i like this dress better than Mcqueens, but then again you cant beat an original.

Emma xoxo


  1. beautiful dresses! and happy late birthday!!


  2. love fleur in harry potter-she is gorgeous and stylish! her wedding dress is especially amazing! and by the way-i adore your header! those shoes are to die for!!!!!!!!! :)